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The last few years have seen the development of major renovations at Freswick Castle. The ancient hall, completely hidden for more than a century within old partitions and plaster, has been restored and is already becoming the focus of social and artistic life at the Castle.


A beautiful kitchen and refectory hall has been created in the level above, alongside a luxury one-bedroom apartment, all with breathtaking views over the sea. Ancient beams, many of them originally ships’ timbers, have been revealed for the first time in more than 150 years.


The striking round tower (contained within a square gable), with its broad spiral staircase up five floors, is one of the defining images of the Castle and this has been restored to its original stone walls.

The late medieval vaulted rooms below, and the attic on the top level, await restoration in a future phase. Meanwhile further ensuite bedrooms on the fourth level of the Castle offer comfortable accommodation. There are also detailed plans for the eventual restoration of the ruined sixteenth century wing of the Castle.

The walled garden also has a new lawn, with flowers and shrubs planted and is an exciting location for many outside occasions, including arts events and weddings.


Finally, a remarkable work of landscape art by Roger Feldman, called EKKO, has been created from ancient stones from around the site. EKKO marks the new development of Freswick Castle, bringing past, present and future together in a work of contemplation and renewal. Roger Feldman is Professor of Art at Seattle Pacific University and is one of a number of North American artists who have been drawn to the far north of Scotland by Freswick Castle and its inspiring potential.

The making of EKKO can be seen in two short films, created by Far North Films: click HERE to view EKKO and to view EKKO: RETURN click HERE​

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