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Murray Watts has written and directed many plays for the theatre over the last 35 years. His work as a writer in TV, radio, film and theatre has won awards and received critical acclaim.

With his company, Wayfarer Productions, he recently launched three new theatre productions which appeared at the Edinburgh Playhouse venue for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2011. All three plays transferred to the King's Head Theatre, London, in January 2012.

Murray Watts is also currently involved in a number of feature film and TV projects.


The castle and grounds serves as a  platform for the work of The Wayfarer Trust  which seeks to empower an international community of artists to engage with culture and its renewal through creative excellence, professional integrity and spiritual inspiration.

Freswick is a place of creative advance for artists and others from every walk of life.

Over the past 20 years the castle has hosted visual artists, writers, musicians, actors and directors from around the world.  Many people have rediscovered the importance of creativity in their own lives and found inspiration for a wide variety of vocations and for the enrichment of culture.




(The Wayfarer Trust)

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