Freswick Castle is available for day conferences, seminars and corporate events on a seasonal basis from Easter to end of October. 

The Castle is ideal for smaller groups of between 15 and 20 but can easily host up to 50 for one, two, or three-day events, using the catering services of our partners, Mackays Hotel.



Freswick Castle can be booked for private parties and seasonal celebrations.

The kitchen and refectory are available for small scale self-catering and for larger groups we recommend our catering partners, Mackays Hotel.

For further information regarding catering, please click  HERE


Freswick Castle is an ideal location for a retreat day. The Castle has a large library, including many books on art, literature, philosophy, theology and spirituality. The chapel can be used for small services or reflection, the Viking Hall or Great Hall for larger services and there are comfortable rooms, fireplaces and kitchen facilities in both the Castle and the Guest Cottage which can be made available. The walks along the beach, the wildlife, the burn, the contemplative art work ‘EKKO’ and quiet corners in the walled garden are all superb places for personal or group reflection and prayer.

For a small group wishing to stay for a few days or a week of retreat, the Guest Cottage and the Castle can accommodate up to 15.


Group retreats and individual spiritual retreats are under the auspices of The Wayfarer Trust, which is an arts charity working within a wide and welcoming Christian tradition, but the trust reserves the right to exercise discretion over bookings.


Freswick Castle is a private family home but a tradition of hosting informal arts events over many years will continue. 

There will be occasional music concerts, film showings, exhibitions, theatre, poetry and performance events of various kinds. Because of health and safety legislation, the limitations of a site which is still developing and the personal character of Freswick Castle, arts events will generally be by private invitation for non-paying audiences.

However, Freswick Castle is available for hire to private groups, again for arts events by private invitation only. This is not a space for public performances at the present time, but we are open to all suggestions for use of the building which conforms with current legislations for the use of private country homes in the community.